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Compact Servo Drives

The ECOMPACT® compact servo drives integrate the motor, measuring system and servo amplifier in one unit and are mounted directly on the axis. This results in many advantages for the mechanical engineer. The configuration effort and space requirements in the control cabinet are reduced and the installation effort is dispensed, in particular with the motor cable. The compact drives of the JAT are available with numerous options, such as various bus interfaces, STO function, sensorless operation, etc. The modular structure of the device enables rapid customer-specific adaptation to your desired machine application.



Reduced costs

With the complete solution, servo amplifier and motor integrated in one device, you save motor cables and installation work

Space saving product

Compact servo drives are mounted directly on the axis; space in the control cabinet is not required

Individual solution

The modular structure of the device and a wide variety of options enable it to be quickly adapted to your application