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Drive component or customer-specific drive solution - everything fully documentard

Data & documents accessible from anywhere at anytime

From motor data sheet to your handling und positioning system's complete supporting documentation: we put emphasis on a thorough and well structured information processing. It is the base for a simple and unambiguous use by each user group. Each component and every subsystem has an informational description of characteristics and functionalities.

The technical documentation records all information and documents and is an integral part of a product.


JAT Information Portal (public contents)



Fast, safe and easy access for every customer

Our JAT Information Portal delivers all information regarding our products and solutions.

We can create a individual area for customers of mechatronical systems. In addition to all our publicly available information, the customer has access to the drive systems' supporting documents, each assigned to a system's individual serial number.

  • Test Reports
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Assembly instructions
  • Spare parts lists
  • Technical drawings
  • Declaration of conformity

    Request access to the password-protected JAT Info Portal

    The JAT Information Portal

    • All user information are safelyaccessible from anywhere at anytime
    • Find the desired information easy via iiRDS metadata structure
    • Comprehensive search and filter functions for fast search results
    • Decoupling of information and physical medium
    • Language change via mouse click
    • Customisable structure and content of customer-specific area
    • Rights managments for user groups
    • Serial number identification for mechatronical systems, online access to each system's individual supporting documents
    • Focused information, fitting the delivered product (configuration, update)

    JAT Information Portal (public contents)


      Fast information delivery

      Customers and their customers always receive fitting information to their drive product via only a few mouse clicks.

      Higher flexibility

      Information and documents are accessible worldwide and can be filtered by fuctions and tasks of different user groups.

      Cost efficiency

      Lengthy file browser searching, mailing and exchange via e-mail are obsolete, meaning faster service and more customer satisfaction.

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      Depending on the application, JAT develops linear axis systems, rotary table systems and multi-axis systems. Please specify your application as far as you know it. Our drive experts will contact you with possible solutions and a cost estimate.

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      We are happy to answer your questions - about our solutions & products, our company and technologies. Find the right contact person for your request.


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