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We act in an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable way

witelo - promoting young researchers

Witelo (scientific-technical educational institutions in Jena) networks school-related and extracurricular scientific and technical eduction offers. Witelo acts as an information platform for pupils, teachers and parents and provides support in the planning and execution of educational projects. For many years, JAT has sponsored the association with the objective of awakening natural curiosity and the spirit of research early on and get young people excited about technology and science.

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Our lodgers

The death of insects continues to progress, caused by, among other things, climate change and the increased use of pesticides. The little precision lovers feel good and at home in the bee boxes erected on the green roofs at JAT. JAT colleagues carefully clean their enclosure and regularly provide the 80,000 little creatures drinking water and thus make a valuable contribution towards promoting species diversity.

To this end, two drive experts completed training as bee keepers at the German Bee Museum in Weimar to ensure the bees are properly cared for. Twice a year, our bee keepers fill honey into JAT honey jars which are a particularly delicious treat. The harvest, 100 jars of honey, is already over this year and the bees are now being prepared for winter. They will start flying again in mid-April.

Robotik AG initiated

Build, program, test and improve robots. JAT initiated the work group Robotik at the Lobdeburg school in Jena in 2010 and, for example, provides robot components to classroom sets. The little tinkerers are joyfully introduced to science and technology and have successfully proven their skills many times in the First Lego League. In cooperation with the Ernst-Abbe University of Jena, pupils get to know and appreciate the engineering profession early on in projects. The pupils are accompanied by lecturers and students from the electrical engineering and computer sciences department at EAH Jena.


Transfer of teaching materials and knowledge

For many years, Jenaer Antriebstechnik has been cooperating with the Fachbereich Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik der Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena. Among other things, we provide drive products for the laboratory equipment of Jena University and support the partner university for applied sciences (CDHAW), Tongji University Shanghai, with technical teaching aids. Special internships, which are part of the courses at the university, are supervised by JAT drive experts.


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Promotion of alternatives to motorized individual transport

In order to reduce the environmental impact of traffic, employees can request a subsidized job ticket from Stadtwerke Jena for local public transport. With a new leasing model, JAT has been the first company in Jena to provide all employees with privately usable company bikes with its partner Business Bike since 2015.

Both offers can of course also be used in your free time while commuting to work. This invites you to leave the car more often. In this way, the necessary road traffic in Jena can flow better, you spare your own nerves, you are good for the environment, you can relax on the train / bus or exert yourself on the bike.

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Trade fair for industrial automation | 26.-27.06.2024
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