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Positioning systems for marking and engraving workpiece surfaces

High-speed motion solutions for marking with the smallest lines, contours and letters

We realize positioning and motion systems for highly-dynamical marking needle, laser or plasma burner processes in 2D and 3D. Products are marked after manufacturing to ensure tracebility along the supply chain as a means for quality management. High process velocities and precise marking depth and contour width adjustments are essential for optimal and safe marking applications.
Our experts develop and design the positioning system exactly fitting to your process requirements. We optimally match design, axis selection, frame materials as well as the drive components measuring system, servo amplifiers and motors to guarantee your marking application's maximum quality.
Our customers receive a solution ready for connection, meeting the highest requirements regarding accuracy and repeatability.
Customer advantage: less expenditures, highest quality, fast market entry!

Customer-specific motion and positioning systems

Highest precision and dynamics for maximum quality and productivity

  • Maximum velocity despite top speeds and small-scale structures
  • Nanometer range positioning accuracy
  • High repeatability
  • Simultaneous operation of multiple tools
  • Fast tool change
  • Minimum to maximum stroke length
  • Many start-stop cycles
  • Stick slip free movements
  • Highly dynamic processes

Engineering expertise

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Optimal & fast realization

  • Complete in-house execution from planning and development via prototype construction to series manufacturing in our Jena site
  • Starting at batch size 1
  • In-house manufactured drive components
  • Expertise and long-term experience in developing demanding industrial applications
  • More than 2,000 m2 manufacturing area
  • Clean room technology
  • Air-conditioned and vibration-isolated measuring conditions
  • Heavy-duty hall with overhead crane

Manufacturing & production

Positioning and motion systems for marking machines


Fast production start-up

Our customers receive a ready-to-connect positioning system for a fast production start-up - from electronics, mechanics and software to the implementation of sensors & bus system

Machine optimization

The perfect interplay of a drive system's components optimizes your manufacturing: shorter process times, flexible adaptation to product changes and fast commissioning

Strong market position

We create product innovations for our customer by developing tailor-made positioning solutions - for a strong and permanent market position

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Depending on the application, JAT develops linear axis systems, rotary table systems and multi-axis systems. Please specify your application as far as you know it. Our drive experts will contact you with possible solutions and a cost estimate.

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