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Quality and certifications

JAT promotes sustainability awareness

We are proud because JAT's environmental management system has been certified in accordance with the international ISO 14001 standard in 2021, audited by TÜV Hessen. The systematic documentation and continuous improvement of our environmental performance is one of our main objectives and has been JAT's corporate philosophy for many years. Green roofs were built on the erected production spaces in 2010 for cooling and to improve the environment. The technology complex, finished in 2019, is operated in a CO2-neutral manner and is cooled and heated using geothermal power. Tree planting campaigns, job tickets or the settlement of bee populations are only a few examples of making a positive contribution toward protecting the environment. Overall, all of the campaigns are based on our quality and environmental guidelines.
But we are also certain that ecological action will also have economic benefits in the long-run. The world is changing and we want to make a positive contribution towards designing this change.

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Certification of our products

The certified quality management enables us to develop serial products with ATEX and Functional Safety (FS) certification. This means that after prototype testing by TÜV Süd, we don't neither further declarations of conformity to manufacture and sell our certified products in series.

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