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Sarah Wiederhold - Human Resources

"Hmm, if I'm doing my job well there is no need for asking a lot of questions, the candidates will talk freely and also ask questions about JAT. For me, a job interview serves the purpose to get to know each other from both sides. It is also very important that the candidate can imagine having JAT as employer.."

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Stephan Preuß - CEO

[Editor]: Hi Stephan, thanks for taking the time and introducing series Drive Heroes Behind the Scenes. Now, you aren't active behind the scenes, but are, in fact, as our CEO, on the front lines. [SP]: At JAT, every employee is active on the front lines; everyone in their own way and at their own station. So, I am very grateful and proud to be the first person to take part in this wonderful campaign.

[Editor]: Let's start with the elephant in the room: How has our financial situation changed due to the coronavirus pandemic?

[SP]: The coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis surrounding found the German mechanical engineering industry in an already weakened situation in 2020. Due to the shock-induced paralysis of the drivers, very little was going on in the investment goods segment. Due to the lockdown in Spring of 2020, the entire economy experienced a downturn even more severe than the 2008/09 financial crisis. Thus, JAT lost a lot of turnover during those years.

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Martin Seeliger - Analyst

[Editor]: Martin, greetings! Thank you for taking time for us.  Before we get to the "what, how and why" of your job, tell us briefly who you are and what you did before you joined us.

[MSe]: Gladly. I am pleased that you are interested in the exciting world of numbers and formulas. 15 years now, I completed my school-leaving exams with a dual qualification with vocational training as a computer programming assistant and then, during my civil service year, I worked as a caregiver in the neurological intensive care unit at a rehabilitation facility. That was an interesting job and I thought, for a moment, about remaining in the medical sector. Ultimately, I decided to study physics in Jena. After getting my diploma, I was given the opportunity to do my doctorate in the astrophysics department. That too was a lovely and exciting time; I had multiple opportunities to make observations using telescopes in Southern Spain. By the way, the topic of my dissertation was the search for planets around other stars, so-called exoplanets.
[Editor]: Aha, so you're a physicist! I've heard rumours that their ability to analyse complex problems and systematically solve them is in high demand on the market. Did you know, during your studies, that you would make your passion for research and the necessary precision when working available to the private sector?

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Holger Blaschke - Head of Development

[Editor]: Hi Holger, thank you for taking time for us. First briefly tell us who you are and what you do at JAT.
[HBl]: Hello Red. 25 years ago now, I completed my course of studies at the FSU Jena, then worked for a long while in scientific apparatus engineering at an institute in Hanover before I returned to my home, Thuringia, in 2011 and worked as a project manager at a major company in the optics sector for many years. In January 2019, I took over the management of the development department at Jenaer Antriebstechnik GmbH and have been trying since then to continuously use my experience from classical and agile project management and in the management of large teams to further structure and positively change the development department. An nothing is as constant as the change; Heraclitus knew that 2,500 years ago. This inner willingness to change is enormously important because everyone has to change if we want to reach mutual goals. And that applies, without restriction, to all levels at JAT.

[Editor]: JAT is pleased, in any case, that you took this step. We feel the fresh breeze and the productive energy you brought to us. Your open door makes it easy for employees to simply approach you and your open ears radiate appreciation. Is that a conscious part of your management policy?

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Justus Berger - Mechatronic Trainee

"I started my training as a mechatronics technician at JAT in 2018 and can only say that it is TOP! In addition to my varied and vivid lessons at the JBZ, I particularly like the friendly, familiar and helpful atmosphere in the JAT - it makes learning and working more fun."

Jens Schiller - former Mechatronic Trainee

"Due to my interest in electrical engineering , my choice to train as a mechatronics technician was quite clear. In my subsequent dual studies, I was able to apply and deepen a lot of what I learned during my training at JAT. I have particularly positive memories of the small groups in training."