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Level control


Automatically controlled vessel filling
Integrated into JAT servo amplifiers

Automatically regulated filling of vessels - without pneumatics

Electromechanical tracking of the filling lances based on the filling level

The function integrated in the servo amplifier enables the electromechanical tracking of the filling lance based on the filling level. Because the filling level and the height of the filling lance are recorded separately, the distance between can be regulated. In this way, a constant filling process can be guaranteed even with irregularly shaped vessels. The distance and the filling speed can be adjusted at any time.

Advantages at a glance

  • Cost-saving solution, e.g. by eliminating pneumatic components
  • Flexible use, e.g. with explosive substances or in clean rooms
  • High compatibility, servo arm as a vessel filler (motor, axis and servo control - also as an ATEX solution) from a single source, optimally tailored to customer requirements
  • Easy commissioning with JAT engineering software ECOSTUDIO®

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