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3D multisensor scanner precisely positioned

Linear axis enables exact measurement of big parts in a matter of seconds.

The 3d multi sensor systemn ZScan from senswork scans large components in high resolution, gap free and 3-dimensional und compares the result to the CAD model to determine the production quality - in a process time not reached until now. JAT designed and built the precision axis comprising a granite stone, an iron-free linear motor with 2m stroke length and a functional safety measuring system. The machine's construction requires the linear axis to be operated hanging overhead. Therefore, JAT also built up the axis hanging from a specially constructed framwork, enabling us to reach a ± 5 µm running accuracy in height. Our customer senswork, who is an expert in industrial image processing, offers with ZScan an ultra fast 3D multi scanner that measures in-line large components with a volume up to 1.5 x 0.7 x 0.5 m³ in a matter of seconds. By using multiple triangulation sensors with free spatial arrangement, the system allows for an almost completely shadow-free test object detection.