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Gantry-System with air bearing and CFRP axes

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Depending on the application, JAT develops linear axis systems, rotary table systems and multi-axis systems. Please specify your application as far as you know it. Our drive experts will contact you with possible solutions and a cost estimate.

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The solution in detail

Combining air bearing technology with CFRP lightweight construction

The production of microelectronics is becoming more and more precise, calling for innovation. JAT is breaking new ground in order to meet the ever increasing demands towards accuracy and dynamics. The new FAST 4 PnP gantry system boasts an innovative technology combination to deliver a super fast and supremely precise pick'n'place process. The foundational granite has high thermal stability and very good vibration damping, therefore it is ideally suited for nanometer range precision positioning. A frictionless CFRP axis runs on air bearings on top of it. Due to its high mechanical and thermal load-bearing capacity, CFRP is ideal for extremely high processing speeds. The frictionless air bearings in combination with the minimal axis weight enable accelerartions of 100 m/s² and more.

CFRP advantages

CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) use in drive systems results in novel designs that enormously improve the machine production process in terms of dynamics and precision, due to superior material properties.


  • Minimal weight with maximum strength (compared with aluminum, weight savings of up to 40 %)
  • CFRP strength at 2000 N/mm² is many times greater than aluminum (190 N/mm²) and steel (490 N/mm²) and ensures a vibration-free process
  • Conventional drive systems have a reduced productivity due to vibrations, which are compensated for via decay times and lower process speeds. CFRP makes these measures obsolete, therefore allowing higher process speeds which increases productivity.
  • Higher dynamics result in significant competitive advantages, such as higher process speeds while simultaneously saving energy due to less mass being moved.

Air bearing technology advantages

Air bearing motion systems position workpieces free of friction, stick-slip and without material wear, making them especially applicable for clean room applications. Air bearings function through a thin air layer between the bearing components, enabling stick-slip-free motion. therefore, the technology is perfectly suited for precision machinery. Air bearing technology allows us to realize rotatory and linear motion with repeatability <100 nm.


  • Frictionless, stick, slip and wear-free
  • For high spends and very rapid accelerations
  • No oil or other lubricants required
  • Self-cleaning with air pressure in dusty environments
  • For noiseless and frictionless operation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Clean room compatible

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