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The entire system consists of an X axis, designed as a gantry assembly, a Y axis and a Z axis (three wedge tables under a tabletop) with the ability to tilt and roll. The entire system is built on high-precision machined granite and seated on air bearings for vibration insulation. This allows for a high level or durability and rigidity. The expansion due to heat is also therefore very low. The highly precise running surfaces allow for running accuracies with very narrow tolerances of <1µm.

Special features of the system

  • Entire system on air bearings for vibration insulation
    • Absorbs vibrations at 2.5 Hz (building vibrations and other)
  • Pressure monitoring of the air bearing circuits
    • Several compressed air circuits are installed in the system for the air bearings (bars, X axis, table, lifting units)
    • Each circuit works with a different air pressure depending on the set pre-tension and altitude.
    • The circuits are each monitored by pressure sensors which are integrated into the CAN bus which, in turn, are monitored by the ECOVARIOs.
    • If the pressure drops below or exceeds the setpoint, the system will go into quick stop mode.
    • The axes cannot be released until the nominal pressure is reached
  • Software short-circuit brake integrated
    • In the event of a power outage, a short-circuit brake must be installed that achieves a braking effect by bridging the motor phases
    • This is implemented via the software short-circuit brake in the ECOVARIO
    • This controls the bridging of the motor phases in the ECOVARIO as long as the logic voltage is available
    • To maintain the logic voltage during a power outage, an undervoltage supply unit was installed that maintains the voltage in the system for approx. 3-5 seconds which is enough to discharge adequate energy from the system to prevent damage
    • The logic voltage also ensures that the air bearings remain pressurised during this, to prevent them from dropping in uncontrolled manner
  • Safe slow-run in X and Y integrated
    • Safe slow-run using the metal comb integrated
    • It is monitored by a PILZ controller



Details about the Z-tilt-shift table

  • To fine-tune the application
  • Three lifting units on air bearings with 17H19 motors and spindles
  • Positioning unit resolution in Z direction < 1 nm due to measuring system resolution (40,000 Ink/R), tilted level and spindle pitch 2 mm
  • Additional air bearing surfaces with flexure bearing to guide the table in the X and Y direction.
    • Reciprocally pretensioned
    • Flexure bearing opens when the air bearing is switched on and when the table tilts and rolls
    • Drives are controlled and regulated via an ECOMODULE
    • Due to the asynchronous movement of the three lifting units, the table tilts and rolls
    • Coordination transformation to calculate the respective travelling length to reach the target angle is currently a development project and is slated to be integrated into the ECOMODULE

Why develop a positioning system together with JAT?


  • Full-service – from requirement analysis via projecting to manufacturing
  • Concept – free of charge individual CAD design and offer
  • Realization – fast implementation through use of in-house developed drive components
  • After-sales service – spare part planning and procurement, customer-specific documentation on demand
  • Regional responsibility – economical, ecologial, social
  • Investment - breaking new grounds together with our customers

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