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Research project with TH Köln

Development of a heat-tube-cooled linear direct drive

The LinearPipes funding project will start on 1st September. JAT’s cooperation partner is the Technical University Cologne, specifically Prof. Dr. Jörg Luderich at the Institute for Product Development and Design Technology within the Faculty of Plant, Energy and Machine Systems.

In linear direct drives, high amounts of heat are released by strong acceleration and braking processes with simultaneous high loads, resulting in the need for a cooling system. The aim of the project is to develop a heat-tube-cooled linear direct drive with an intelligent temperature control system. The cooling system should function without the periphery of water cooling systems, which have been necessary until now. This leads to a clear advantage in terms of handling and costs. The temperature control (targeted additional heat-input) is also intended to increase the accuracy and service life of the drive windings.

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