Digital machine information without additional sensors

"Transparent Machine" for digital transparency

Without the need for additional sensors, the technological function transparent machine built into the servo amplifier delivers valuable information regarding the machine’s status.

The recording of different status elements such as axis stress, movability and energy balance enables a needs-based planning of maintenance work.

With this function, the mechanical engineers receive an easy-to-use tool to gather machine data without any additional programming effort. This ensures long-term performance of the operated system.

Advantages for machine manufacturers

  • No additional effort: the software function transparent machine comes with all JAT servo amplifiers
  • No additional programming needed to gather machine data
  • Less fieldbus traffic, saving computing power
  • Instantly accessible data regarding the machine status via mouse click


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Monitoring: Axis stress

  • Permanent reading of machine performance data for maintenance intervals

Monitoring: Movability

  • Running characteristic for detection of mechanical changes

Monitoring: Energy balance

  • Balance for calculation of climate control, heat capacity of the servo drive 

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