Product overview

Mechatronic systems

We realise complete drive systems, from the linear axis system with servo motor and controller, up to complex customer-specific multi-axis systems.


  • For different applications
  • Ready for connection
  • With cable, connector, rack, energy chain

  • Completely ready for connection
  • Spindle axis, linear motor, electrical linear actuator, axis with toothed belt drive

Rotational table systems

  • Completely ready for connection, with servo motor and amplifier
  • Various type

Equipped with energy chains, cables, the systems are ready to plug in and are immediately operational. We thereby always focus on a holistic solution, which is tailored optimally cut to your application and which visibly increases the efficiency of your machine.

Servo drives

We offer all necessary components for the optimal drive of your system. From the motor, the suitable servo amplifier including engineering tool to the parameterisation of your drive system.

Servo amplifier

  • Power range 0,5 ... 10 kW
  • 1-axes servo amplifier, 2-axis servo amplifier

Servo motors

  • High-torque, high-speed torque, linear motor, explosion-proof, stepper motor


  • Power supply
  • Connectors, adapters, field bus

Compact servo drives

  • Maximum speed 2000 ... 6500 rpm
  • Various fieldbus interfaces

Software tools

  • Engineering software, setting up parameters for servo drives
  • Function blocks (PROFINET, LabVIEW)

Through the numerous equipment options of the products, technology functions and various accessories, we can realise a drive individually adapted to your machine and industry for you.