Design Of mechatronic drive systems

Individual offer for your individual mechatronic drive system

In accordance with your requirements and demands, we plan, develop and manufacture drive systems for seamless integration into your plant. In order to offer you the best solution, a detailed design of mechanical components, drives as well as control electronics is required.

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Your perfect drive solution - a perfect synergy

Take advantage of our comprehensive view of your plant. We optimally design your mechatronic drive system and select all drive components. In doing so, we relate all interactions between drive and control technology, sensors, software and mechanical components. The perfect synergy of all components makes it possible to optimise the entire customer system, this way our customers can benefit from e.g. higher cycle times, flexible adaptation to product changes and shorter commissioning times.

Ambient conditions and operation


  • Operation (process time, cycle time)
  • Ambient temperature
  • Special ambient conditions (dust, clean room, vibration, x-ray, humidity, …)



  • Safety concept
  • Control system, interface
  • Rack

Technical specification


  • Number of axis
  • Velocity, acceleration
  • Positioning accuracy, positioning resolution, reproducibility
  • Load

Project specification


  • Pieces
  • Prototype, series
  • Schedule


Requirement profile of mechatronic system (doc)

(word file)

Do you need an application-specific drive system?

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